Yuuta Nakamura (中村 勇太 Nakamura Yuuta) is the SHSL Volleyball Player at the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy. Although somewhat quiet and mild-mannered, he is extremely energetic and happy when it comes to hanging out with his friends and playing volleyball.


Yuuta is a boy of about average stature and build. He has short, spiky dark blue hair and hazel eyes. Although he is fit, Yuuta is a bit on the lean side, and is a little shorter than some of his peers, especially those on the volleyball team. His style is somewhat casual, and he prefers to wear comfortable things. He has no other notable features.


Yuuta is quite even-tempered and mild-mannered. Although not extremely loud and boisterous, he still loves spending time with his friends and meeting new people. He finds it somewhat easy to talk to people, but can sometimes be a little hesitant to. Yuuta tends to be quite passive in his temperament, and because of this, he finds it difficult to voice his opinions or be bold. He has some difficulty with confidence and standing up for himself with regards to his peers, and he often finds it difficult to say “no” to things asked of him. He likes to keep the peace, and does not deal well with conflict or drama. He prefers to lay low and not get involved with bad things.

When it comes to volleyball, Yuuta is incredibly passionate and happy. He sees volleyball as the light of his life, and would not give it up for the world. Despite the fact that it is often rigorous and exhausting, he still finds joy and happiness whenever he plays.

However, Yuuta can also be very fearful and timid. When faced with anger (or what he perceives to be anger) directed at him, Yuuta tends to clam up and stay quiet. When insulted or faced with frustration, he simply accepts it and says an apology, and promises that he will be better. He does not try to fight back, as he figures that he will be faced with retaliation and humiliation, as this often happened with Chouki. When asked, though, he will deny that the other party did anything wrong, and instead tries to minimize the offense and take the blame on himself. He also tends to lie and say that any injuries he receives from others were accidents on his part, and that he’s just clumsy. He sees this as a means to keep the peace, and only wants to keep everyone happy.



Kimiko Nakayama

older sister figure

Chouki Nakamura

abusive older brother

Nana Nakayama

chouki's girlfriend


  • 1 - 3 Low - Average
  • 4 - 6 Above Average - High
  • 7 - 10 Extremely High - Perfect
Social Physical Creativity Intelligence Emotional


Stamina Total
6 9 3 5 2 9 34



  • The kanji in Yuuta’s given name (勇太) mean, “brave,” “thick, big”.
  • The surname Nakamura (中村) means “middle village”.
  • Yuuta’s favorite food is pumpkin.
  • Yuuta hates being called “baby” or anything similar, as it has been used mockingly as a nickname against him.