Shinobu Aoyama (青山 忍 Aoyama Shinobu) is the SHSL Polyglot at the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy. He is a close friend of Shinobu Ito and Eiko Nohara, and loves to spend his time going on adventures and trying new things.


Shinobu is a somewhat short boy of average build, with brown hair and green eyes. Aside from a small birth mark on his hip that looks suspiciously like a whale, he has no other notable features. He does not ascribe to any particular style of dress, though his wardrobe is pretty casual. He prefers comfortable clothes with no bright colors, and does not like to dress strangely.


Shinobu seems to be one’s typical, average boy. He has a small, close circle of friends, and, while being able to talk to others, tends to stick with that particular group. He adores going on adventures, be them big (such as going camping in the woods without telling anyone) or small (spending the night on the school rooftop). While not superstitious, he loves listening to folktales and stories, and if a friend suggests to him that they perform a certain ritual or game to invoke a creature, he will go through with them – not because he believes in them, really, but because he thinks it will be fun.

He is only studious when it comes to languages, of which he can speak ten (Russian, Arabic, Icelandic, Chinese, Hindi, Hungarian, Spanish, French, English, and German), though he sets his sights to be able to learn at least ten more in his lifetime. He loves sharing interesting words and phrases with his friends, and often teaches them funny or inappropriate phrases (often unknowingly) as a joke.

Shinobu is incredibly optimistic and happy, perhaps to the point of being overly energetic. While most of the time, this is genuine positivity and happiness, part of this is also forced on his part. Shinobu was taught to always keep his head up and be happy, and to see the best in certain situations. In rare cases, this can lead to him refusing to feel any negative emotions at all. He hates feeling bad, and would much rather prefer to be happy, as he feels that life is too short to be spent moping. Likewise, Shinobu is quick to make friends wherever he is. While these friendships are genuine, Shinobu often jumps in very quickly because he thinks that, if he waits too long, he will have to leave again, and then the cycle will repeat itself.


Shinobu spent his earliest years of life growing up in an urban area not far from Tokyo. His father, Tatsuji, was a renowned archaeologist who traveled frequently to work, and because he didn’t want to leave his family behind, the Aoyamas began to move wherever Tatsuji was headed next. The Aoyamas were never in one place for very long, and because of this, they decided that they would only hire a translator to help them out, instead of deciding to learn the language of wherever they were traveling to. However, Shinobu found the new languages intriguing and exciting, and began to pick them up very quickly.

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Shinobu Ito

destiny duo friend. freaky coincidences. also adventure buddy.

Eiko Nohara

death corpse friend. weird but he's chill with it.


shinobu says some cool things


he's a cool dude