Ryuunosuke "Ryuu" Yamashita (山下 龍之介 Yamashita Ryuunosuke) is a Reserve Course student pretending to be apart of the Main Course at the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy. He actively takes part in the organ black market, along with many other illicit activities.


Ryuunosuke is a tall, black-haired, blue-eyed teen of above-average build. He has some decent muscle to his frame, and is quite tall as compared to his peers. He tends to wear nice, trendy clothes, usually with the goal of picking up women. He has some tattoos on his back (all of which are affiliated with his gang). Other than that, though, he has no other notable features.


Ryuunosuke is, above all else, a selfish and self-serving individual. He tends to do what he wants, and what he believes will benefit him, as opposed to what will benefit others. As such, he does not care much for other people. He very rarely cares about others’ problems, and instead mostly sees people as commodities that he can use in whatever way would be most useful to him. This is particularly shown when he tries to pick up women -- he only talks about their physical appearance, and only invites them out for his own gain. He does not like to be tied down with responsibilities, be them relationship or otherwise; he works for himself, and only himself, and will do whatever to get him ahead.

Ryuunosuke is a pathological liar. No matter what social situation he is in, he is bound to lie at least once or twice. Often, he lies about parts of his identity (such as his talent) in order to make himself seem more grandiose and incredible (which often comes with the intent of picking up women). However, he also lies to get himself out of situations and problems, such as denying things that he has done in the past. He simply wants to present the most appealing version of himself that he could possibly conceive to the world. He cannot stand being looked down upon -- he needs to be the greatest, and nothing is going to stop him from achieving that goal.

Ryuunosuke is also incredibly narcissistic and egotistic, to the point where he completely denies any negative comments he receives. This developed as an indirect result of the Yamashita family tension. He believed that the world was totally tipped to be in Hotaru’s favor, so he changed his personality to compensate for it. He became someone who elevated himself above everyone else, in order to feel as if he was Hotaru’s equal. He cannot stand the thought of being inferior to his cousin yet again -- so, he builds himself up in order to feel like he is greater than her. There is nothing he would like more than to be the absolute greatest, and to have the glory he believes he rightly deserves.


Ryuunosuke was born into the Yamashita family, a family well known for its centuries-old funeral home, with his cousin Hotaru being born a year later. Shinzo Yamashita, family patriarch and grandfather of Ryuu, was in control of the funeral home at the time, but was getting older in age. As such, when Ryuu was six, the family began the process of deciding who the next person to run the home would be. Originally, Ryuu’s father, Tadaaki, was next in line, but at the last moment, Shinzo decided that Hotaru’s father, Eiji, would take over the funeral home instead.

Ryuunosuke’s side of the family was, naturally, enraged. They believed they had been cheated out of what was promised to them, and Ryuunosuke especially started to feel resentment towards Hotaru. Her skills as a mortician were becoming more evident at the time, and Ryuu blamed the fact that they lost the funeral home on her. As he and Hotaru began to grow up, Ryuu started to bully her relentlessly, about everything from her appearance, to her interests, and more. This bullying continued well into high school.

Since Ryuu’s side of the family did not receive the funeral home, his parents ended up having to find other sorts of work instead. While they still had some inheritance money from when Shinzo died, it was bound to run out sooner or later. Since his family, especially Tadaaki, was terrible with handling money, they were often scrambling to find ways and means to keep it flowing. During this time, Tadaaki and Airi both emotionally distanced themselves from Ryuu, which led him to get into constant fights at school in order to get attention. This eventually led to him getting into fights with some older kids, and gaining a reputation for being a troublemaker. In fact, it was during one of these fights that Ryuu saved his friend Noriko from a group of older kids.

Ryuu wanted to help out with the money situation as best as he could, but was at a loss for what to do. This continued until he was about thirteen, when the Tragedy hit. When the world fell to despair, Ryuu discovered that some of his male classmates had decided to form a “gang” of sorts. The boys went around their small hometown, setting fire to buildings, destroying property, getting into fights, and generally wreaking havoc. Ryuu did not join the gang because he was a member of SHSL Despair -- he simply joined it because he thought it would be fun.

The gang still remained after the world was rebuilt. The boys had decided to delve into a more serious and lucrative trade: the organ black market. After hearing about it, Ryuu saw it as a way to make lots of quick money, and enthusiastically agreed to take part. While he was involved with actually gathering the organs in the beginning, he took on the role of a dealer soon after.

Since he was so young in the beginning, though, he was bound to make several grave errors. He was unable to effectively cover up all of his tracks at the time, and as such, some people were able to follow part of his trail. They discovered that a Yamashita was involved in the organ black market -- however, they did not discover which one. And so, rumors started to fly. Soon, almost everyone who had heard of the funeral home believed that it was distributing organs, under Eiji’s direction. It eventually got so bad that he threatened to permanently shut it down. Ryuu was entirely apathetic towards the whole scandal. The only thing he cared about was himself, and covering up his tracks. After a lengthy investigation, the funeral home was cleared of all suspicion of involvement with the black market, but its reputation remained forever tarnished.

After the scandal with the funeral home, Ryuu continued to distribute organs as much as he pleased. For being as young as he was, he was able to make a considerably large amount of money. Some of this money was spent on himself, but after catching wind of how Hotaru was supposed to go to Kibougamine Academy, he decided to save some so that he could attend as well. He saw her attendance as another injustice against him, and decided to start attending the Reserve Course as soon as he possibly could, using the money he saved from his deals. Soon after beginning, he decided to sneak onto the Main Course campus to scope out what it was like, and see all that he was missing out on. The fire of envy was lit in him again, and he soon decided that, one way or another, he would live like Hotaru and get a taste of what being on top was really like. So, he concocted a plan: he would sneak onto the campus and pretend to be one of the SHSLs. He began sneaking on campus in the early morning, and leaving late at night, skipping classes and avoiding areas that he thought would expose his identity. Miraculously, he was able to get away with it for a considerably long time.

But, this all crumbled as soon as Ryuu met Star. After asking Hotaru about him after their initial meeting, Ryuu was blackmailed into becoming Star’s “boyfriend”. He figured it was safer to play her game than risk being kicked out of the school, so he reluctantly agreed to her terms. Despite the fact that she ordered him to stop seeing other girls, Ryuu still tried to figure out ways to work around it in secret. He also started coming to the Main Course campus less and less, to avoid the risk of being exposed. This incident led to him getting into a fight with Hotaru, and, subsequently, meeting Chiharu Chiba, who he quickly became good friends with.

As an adult, Ryuu becomes a hand model, while still secretly maintaining ties with his gang. He still keeps up with his womanizing behavior, and has left several women with illegitimate children, such as Kei Takano. He regrets absolutely none of it, and is quite proud about his life.


Hotaru Yamashita

Ryuunosuke’s cousin. Ryuu felt as if the entire world was tipped to be in Hotaru’s favor, while giving him nothing at all to balance it out. This caused deep jealousy to start brewing in him, and soon enough, he started loathing Hotaru’s entire existence. Mending their relationship seems like an impossible task -- Ryuu is absolutely fine with this, though. He would like for nothing more than for Hotaru to be toppled from her “princess throne”.

Noriko Kurosawa

Ryuunosuke's childhood best friend. Both Hotaru and Ryuu were close with Noriko, since her parents were close with their family, but after Ryuu saved Noriko in a fight, Noriko became obsessed with him. Ryuu does not mind this - in fact, he sees Noriko as a valuable asset. He often makes her run errands that he would not want to do otherwise. Additionally, Ryuu feeds off of the constant validation and enabling that Noriko provides, and will often come to her if he needs an ego boost. Noriko is also one of the only people that Ryuu can be somewhat honest about his feelings with, and he will vent his problems and frustrations with her when he needs to.

Chiharu Chiba

One of Ryuunosuke's closest friends. While he considers his gang members to be great friends of his, none of his relationships with them are as deep as the one he has with Chiharu. She is probably his first legitimate female friend ever, and while he finds it strange, he accepts it for what it is. He often vents to Chiharu about his issues, and every once in awhile offers to listen to hers. The two end up standing up for each other whenever the time calls for it, which is something that Ryuu never does. He is open about his connections with her, and in the future verse, she has even bailed him out of jail on a few occasions. Though it is unlikely that he will say it aloud, he greatly treasures the friendship that he has with her.


Ryuunosuke’s “girlfriend”. While originally finding her quirky but hot, Ryuu quickly developed a grudge against her after she threatened to expose everything he’d done. He tries to avoid her whenever possible, which sometimes does not work out all that well for him. He likes to try and work his way around her rules in order to do what he wants, as he does not like to be held down in a romantic relationship. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that she stays away from him, with the hopes of her leaving him altogether.


  • 1 - 3 Low - Average
  • 4 - 6 Above Average - High
  • 7 - 10 Extremely High - Perfect
Social Physical Creativity Intelligence Emotional


Stamina Total
7 8 2 6 4 7 34


  • (to Chiharu about his name) "Heh, thanks. It's pretty great. Like me."
  • “You know, get their numbers, take ‘em back home with you, and fuck for a little while before you both pass out.”
  • “What? It’s just sex. Nothing wrong with that.”
  • “Well, you know what my life philosophy is. Do whatever the fuck you want, and if anyone tries to stop you, punch them in the nuts.”
  • “I’m hot, you’re hot, let’s fuck.”


  • The given name Ryuunosuke (龍之介) literally means “dragon herald”.
  • The surname Yamashita (山下) means “below the mountain”.
  • Ryuu has a very extreme hatred of ham -- so much so that he claims to have a vendetta against it. Ironically, his favorite types of meat are sausage and pork.
  • Ryuu has a fear of clowns. This was a result of an incident he experienced as a child, when a college student dressed as a clown stood outside in the street and stared at him.
  • Despite what one may think, Ryuu actually has decent musical abilities. He has an alright singing voice, and can play the drums pretty well.
  • Ryuu hates emojis, bees, and anthropomorphic cats. This came about after he watched The Emoji Movie, The Bee Movie, and Cool Cat with Noriko while drunk. Although he barely remembers the films themselves, he clearly remembers the emotions he felt while watching them, and cannot help but react with disgust when reminded of them.