Monaka Towa (塔和 モナカ Tōwa Monaka) is the SHSL Roboticist in the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy. Formerly a Warrior of Hope and Successor to Junko Enoshima.


Monaka is a high-school girl with waist-length green hair. She’s fairly fashionable, and wears lots of different accessories, however she does hold a preference for bows and headbands.

She has a tendency to go for darker colors, and much of her wardrobe is black with mild gothic styles or whatever is currently in style.

After the events that took place in Towa City, Monaka's legs became paralyzed, and she used an electric wheelchair to get along for the first year back in school. For her exams, Monaka developed robotic leg braces to allow her more mobility, and she is now able to walk normally.


In a big contrast from her younger self, Monaka tries her best to be a genuinely kind person. She is much more introverted than she used to be, and sometimes worries she'll accidentally fall back to her old tendencies. She can tend to blame herself for things, even if it's not her fault at all. Though she tries to be the best person she can be, she tends to be selfish when it comes to most people. She's extremely loyal to the people she's close to, and can get jealous about them spending time with others. She tends to stay out of most conflicts as long as it doesn't involve her or someone she cares about.

Monaka has Borderline Personality Disorder, and tends to have very black-and-white thinking when it comes to certain things (such as if she's 'good' now,) as well as periods of instability and low moods. She suffers from extreme highs and lows in her self-esteem at times, going from feeling great to feeling miserable very quickly.


After the events of Ultra Despair Girls, Monaka went into hiding for a while. The Warriors of Hope as well as Komaru Naegi and Touko Fukawa were rescued from Towa city, and reconstruction of the outside world began.

Future Foundation eventually found and captured Monaka, and after a long period of determination, it was decided she wouldn't be executed, as the other Warriors of Hope hadn't. She began therapy with Miaya Gekkogahara, and eventually, Future Foundation deemed that she was stable and safe enough to return to the world, under their watch. She now attends Kibougamine Academy as the SHSL Roboticist.


Miaya Gekkogahara

Monaka's therapist from Future Foundation and adoptive big sister. Miaya was the first person to give Monaka hope for the future -- that maybe she would be able to change and live in the world like a normal girl. Monaka looks up to her as a role model. Miaya is absolutely one of the most important people to Monaka, and Monaka aspires to be like her.

Phillip Achtung

Monaka's boyfriend. In elementary school, they fought and argued constantly. Since Monaka returned to school, this continued for a bit at first, although a bit more one-sided on his side, with things like threatening to toss Monaka in the pool. They hung out normally for a while, and Monaka began to see him as a friend. He confessed to Monaka shortly after "breaking up" with Shiori, and they began dating secretly. Since then, he quickly became another of Monaka's favorite people. She gets jealous extremely easily when it comes to him, even when it comes to just other people flirting with him.

Jataro Kemuri

Monaka's best friend. He was the last former Warrior of Hope Monaka apologized to, but they quickly were able to repair their friendship to an extent. She considers him her best friend, and they spend a lot of time playing video games -- namely Mario Kart and Pokemon -- together.


  • 1 - 3 Low - Average
  • 4 - 6 Above Average - High
  • 7 - 10 Extremely High - Perfect
Social Physical Creativity Intelligence Emotional


Stamina Total
7 2 3 10 4 5 31


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