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Masatoshi Kuroba (黒羽允俊 Kuroba Masatoshi) is SHSL Shoudo at the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy under the stolen identity Aoko Yanaihara. He was responsible for the kidnapping and torture of Yoshito Matsuo and Karen Hakuba, and is good friend of Jataro Kemuri.

Appearance Edit

Masatoshi has pale skin, brown eyes and long hair, dyed to be a copper-blonde colour. He is unusually short for his age; a trait that remains with him throughout his adulthood.

As a child, Masatoshi had short, messy black hair and a tiny body due to malnourishment.

As Aoko Yanaihara, Masatoshi has a carefully selected range of feminine outfits-- having a preference for cute, fashionable skirts and blouses. When appearing as Ao Yanaihara, Masatoshi often switches his skirts out for pants.

Personality Edit

Masatoshi has a naturally unperturbed personality and a lack of general self-consciousness. He is not so much shy as he is untrusting. Coming from an extremely rich family he has been heavily sheltered and pampered since his teenage years. He generally gives the illusion that he is used to being protected, and has a tendency to project similar expectations onto the people that he latches onto in an attempt to seem frail and lower their guard. This whilst simultaneously keeping them close to his side.

Some of his behaviour may seem borderline manipulative or, more frankly, annoying or unnerving-- although these traits have evolved with age and development, transforming into what seems to be an over-the-top sense of nonconformity.

Masatoshi prides himself on his free-spirit, believing it to be typical derivation of any artistic type. He is obsessed with art and unsurprisingly, many of his genuine friendships are procured from this fascination.

Ever since childhood, Masatoshi has felt a complete lack of empathy and remorse. He has a need to better understand these things, and his desperation to feel them has previously caused him to spiral out of control and harm and abuse others; torturing and drugging them. He also lacks care for his own safety and wellbeing, often acting oblivious to pain or inflicting it upon himself for attention.

Despite his lack of emotional understanding, Masatoshi is highly intelligent and has an act pieced together to make others believe that he grasps those concepts and it is very difficult to tell otherwise. Although unusual, Masatoshi can be explosive when his temper is provoked; often reacting violently or in a way that can be harmful to others as well as himself.

History Edit

At the age of five, Masatoshi watched his father and grandparents burn alive in a car wreckage. After this point, his mother became clinically depressed and three years later, she committed suicide through cyanide poisoning. Masatoshi was the one to discover her body. He became interested in the use of chemicals from that point.

Up until the Tragedy, Masatoshi lived on the street, fighting for survival and conning people for food and money. He was malnourished, leading to poor physical development and susceptibility to disease. Unlike many of his peers, however, Masatoshi did not die off due to health issues or natural conditions and was a smart and cunning survivor.

As a young teenager at some point during the Tragedy, he was discovered by Aoko Yanaihara, the daughter to a rich family, who took him in and protected him. Masatoshi quickly fell in love with the familial attention and became obsessed with Aoko, herself. This drew to the point where he wanted to become her in order to have the full affections of her family.

He kidnapped her and took her very far away from her home in order to study her and her behaviours. He tested out and studied the use of chemicals on the human body, using her as a live subject. To him, torturing her was out of 'love for her' and he felt no remorse in doing so. He cut off all of her hair and began moulding her into the image of himself, refusing to call her anything but his own name, and taking on her own identity, slowly. After a year, Aoko attempted to escape and Masatoshi pushed her off the roof of the house he was holding her in, believing her to be dead because of this.

Masatoshi returned to his adoptive family and spent his years living under them as Aoko Yanaihara and using their influence to cover up the truth. Along with several of her personality traits, Masatoshi took on Aoko's passion and skill for calligraphy and later developed a love of art and art theory.

During his time at Hope's Peak Academy, Masatoshi became good friends with Jataro Kemuri and developed unrequited feelings for Monaka Towa, although these were more out of obsession than love.

Under the pressure of Yumi Itame's threat to reveal Masatoshi's medical coverups, he retaliated by revealing his identity at school, himself, showing a lack of fear in the face of blackmail. He also destroyed the school monitors shortly after this and later faked his own death. Masatoshi was also responsible for poisoning the water supply during both Love Water Incidents in an attempt to cover up that he had drugged Yoshito Matsuo, Ren Shimakage and Monaka Towa directly using tea.

He was later narrowed down as the suspect in the contamination of the water and had his history unravelled by Karen Hakuba and Yoshito Matsuo, the latter of whom he had befriended. Masatoshi responded to this by kidnapping and torturing both of them, leaving them traumatised by the time they were rescued by police.

In the time period before his court date, Masatoshi confronted Yoshito and forced him to stab him, leaving Masatoshi critically injured and having to be hospitalised.

Masatoshi, although being saved by his adoptive family's wealth, was legally appointed therapy sessions and had his brain altered by Minase Sekiguchi in order to nullify his dangerous urges. After over a month, Masatoshi returned to Hope's Peak Academy as a teaching assistant in art theory.

Relationships Edit

Aoko Yanaihara Edit

Despite the being the one responsible for the torture, Masatoshi held great admiration for Aoko, and openly confessed that he thought that Aoko had been 'the prettiest girl he had ever seen'. Aoko does not reciprocate any of those feelings for Masatoshi, and completes errands and tasks for him mainly out of fear and nothing else. Masatoshi also confessed in his logs that he would 'probably love Aoko forever, deep down'.

Jataro Kemuri Edit

Masatoshi and Jataro have an intense mutual, creative bond and respect for one another. They often have fun and revel in each other's company. They have many inside jokes, and at one point, the two had even developed a brief romantic connection. Jataro took the things that Masatoshi had done to their peers with discontent and was very hurt by the reveal, taking it as betrayal. Masatoshi, after expressing his feelings and apologising profusely, promised Jataro that he would change his ways, with full intent to keep this promise. Due to this, the two were able to remain good friends, and get along once again without issue.

Monaka Towa Edit

Masatoshi has previously had a strong obsession with Monaka and made several attempts to win over her affections, some of which almost succeeded. Later, Masatoshi accepted the fact that Monaka would never return his feelings, and with Monaka feeling very uncomfortable being around him, assured her that he was recovering well and would understand if she hated him.

Kayori Hato Edit

The two have been good friends since starting high school. Masatoshi would often give Kayori ink for his manga work and they would discuss nature and art. Kayori had a crush on and genuinely cared for Masatoshi, and was shocked to learn about his true nature. He still values Masatoshi as a friend despite this, and wishes him the best in recovering.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Jataro) "Rich people can pay anyone to do anything for them. And if they do something wrong, they c-can just use money to get away with it. O-or blackmail people."
  • (To Jataro) "I've lied. A lot. There's no excuse. I've lied to a lot of people, and... I've even lied to you. About... who I am... and what I've done to be who I am... But please... let me say... there wasn't a single moment where I lied about the way that I feel about you."
  • (To Jataro) "If all we are is what's in our pasts... the horrible things that we've done... everybody would be against each other."
  • (To Aoko) "I told you never to call me that again, you filthy bitch."
  • "I think the world has so many standards and generalisations about what should be and what's good or beautiful. That's why there's real beauty in the unique, in the ugly things, in unadulterated expressionism. That's where you find the raw truth about humanity. All of it. You've got to appreciate flaws and metaphors... otherwise you're ignorant like the rest of the world."
  • "I've been in love with art since I first picked up a brush."

Trivia Edit

  • The surname Kuroba (黒羽) means 'black feather' and the first name Masatoshi is spelled with the kanji for permit/sincerity (允) and prodigy (俊)
  • The last name 'Yanaihara' is a reference to the Japanese billionaire Tadashi Yanai as in Mainverse, the Yanaihara family owns the second-largest holding company in Japan and fifth in the world. According to Masatoshi, they fund groups that deal with exports to other countries and some trades with foreign companies. They are considered to be zaibatsu.
  • Masatoshi has three bedrooms, one of which contains a miniature golf set.
  • Masatoshi is not very well coordinated and often trips over himself.
  • Masatoshi is a vegetarian.
  • Like Aoko, Masatoshi's blood type is A
  • Masatoshi can perfectly mimic anybody's handwriting.
  • Masatoshi's hobby is hand-preparing matcha for tea.
  • His favourite food is umeboshi while his least favourite is any kind of meat.
  • Masatoshi likes art theory and cute animals, and dislikes snow.
  • His most treasured item is Jataro's skyline painting.

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