Ken Tamura (田村 健 Tamura Ken) is the SHSL Wig Maker in the main course of the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy. A dedicated and hard worker, Ken takes pride in his work and will often push himself to his limits when it comes to pursuing his craft.


Ken is a teen of average height and build, with wavy black hair and grey eyes. He wears thick glasses with large, square frames. His day-to-day wardrobe typically includes a turtleneck sweater and a blazer, though in warmer months he usually trades that for an unbuttoned white shirt and a tee underneath. He also has a preference for checkered patterns. Though others may think otherwise, Ken thinks he's quite stylish and likes his "pseudo-hipster" appearance.


Ken has a tendency to be dry and sarcastic, even when around people he likes. He often makes snarky remarks wherever he sees fit, although he is not serious in his comments. His parents have said that he has a bit of an attitude problem, although he usually brushes this off as his parents being parents. Despite this, though, Ken finds it easy to talk to people. He has no trouble with being straightforward with others. He restrains himself, though, and does not like being brutally honest - simply honest.

Ken is extremely passionate when it comes to wigmaking, often staying up into ridiculous hours of the night in order to finish commissions. He does not care, though, and sees his habits as a hurdle he has to hop in order to achieve his dreams. Despite the troubles that come with his work, he loves it and sees it as his greatest passion.

Ken sees it as his duty in life to protect those around him, in at least some capacity. This originated when Sanae was born, as she was weak and did not want to see her hurt. This worsened with her death, and he often blames himself for being to weak to protect her. However, he is also a little reluctant to make friends, not because he is not social, but because he does not want to face the devastation of losing someone close to him again.


Ken was born to his parents, Seiichi and Mai, on May thirteenth. He was their first child, and, as such, was doted on day in and day out. Despite the fact that his mother and Eisuke Hakuba were siblings, Ken was not very close with that side of the family growing up. He rarely saw his cousin Karen, and did not really get along well with her. He spent more time with his paternal side of the family instead, and spent lots of time with the family members on that side of the family.

Four years after he was born, his younger sister Sanae was born on the fourteenth of November. At first, the two would get into constant arguments, as Ken felt like the attention he'd previously been getting was "stolen" from him, but as they got older, the sibling rivalry faded and the two got along swimmingly. Because Sanae was much frailer and physically weaker than her older brother, Ken took it upon himself to "protect" her from whatever he deemed to be a threat to her. The two of them spent what seemed like every waking moment together, from watching Sanae’s favorite magical girl shows together, to Ken doing her hair, and more.

As a child, Ken was quite outgoing, though he had a bit of an attitude problem. Though not the most popular, Ken did have quite a few friends in school, and hung out with them often. Perhaps his best friend in elementary school was Ken Hanabasu, and the two grew up together and remained friends even through high school. Hanabasu was frequently bullied in school, and Tamura was often the one to comfort him and try to “fight off” bullies, although this often was not very successful. Even when Hanabasu decided to go on his own way as a loan shark, Tamura still decided to remain his friend and stay close. The pair even decided to include Sanae in their "Ken Club", and treated her as an "honorary member".

For the first eleven years of his life, Ken considered his childhood to be quite alright. He was happy, had a loving family, wonderful friends, and life could not be better. However, right after Sanae's birthday, the Tamura's lives took a turn for the worse. All of a sudden - almost out of nowhere - Sanae fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital. It was then that they discovered, at the tender age of seven years old, that Sanae had leukemia. The entire Tamura family was terribly affected, though Ken was probably the most affected by Sanae's illness. He felt as if he had not protected her as well as he should have. At every opportunity he got, Ken visited Sanae and supported her. Once she started undergoing chemotherapy, though, Ken decided that he needed to do something in order to make up for not protecting her. Since Sanae felt self-conscious about losing her hair, Ken decided to get into wig making. Though he had never done anything like it before, he seemed to have a natural aptitude for it. Sanae was enthralled with the wigs, and wore them with pride daily.

For a while, things seemed to be getting better for Sanae. Ken had hope, and was so excited for his sister to finally be cured. However, before the Tamuras knew it, Sanae's condition worsened when she was nine. After several months of struggle, though, Sanae finally passed away in the February following her birthday. The Tamuras were all devastated by her sudden death, but perhaps the most grief-stricken of them all was Ken. He felt as if he failed his role as an older brother, and refused to cope with the fact that Sanae was dead. They were supposed to grow up together, and be happy together. And yet, there she was, laying pale, cold, and lifeless, cruelly ripped from her family's grasp. This was not the way it was supposed to be; Ken could not find it in himself to acknowledge that she had passed.

So he did not. In order to save himself from the grief, Ken decided to pretend as if Sanae was alive. At school, at home, everywhere he went, he acted exactly as if his sister was really alive. Perhaps the only person besides his family members that knew about the event was Ken Hanabasu - everyone else was unaware. Even though Ken had decided to act as he did before her passing, over time he became increasingly more dry and subdued. He was not as energetic as he one was, instead becoming more sarcastic and closed-off. This was fine with him, though; he was only protecting himself from any further emotional damage. In fact, this mindset continued into high school. Despite peers telling him otherwise, Ken simply refused to acknowledge the reality of the situation. He would have rather not faced reality at all then deal with the emotional trauma and reality of Sanae's death.

After Sanae's passing, Ken continued to make wigs. He saw it as a profitable business opportunity, and decided to pursue it as a passion of his. Originally, he made his wigs for other people who had hair loss, but after he started selling them, his wigs started being purchased for fashion purposes. As soon as high school rolled around, he was invited to attend Kibougamine Academy as the SHSL Wig Maker. He was ecstatic to find out that Ken Hanabasu was accepted as well, and the pair spent most of their time together. Ken made other friends, too, although none were ever as close as the Kens were.

As an adult, Ken finally had the funds and support to finally start his own luxury wig-making company, S・N・E.


Ken Hanabasu

Ken Tamura's best friend from elementary school. The two have managed to remain friends despite their differences, and Tamura is extremely grateful for it. Ken Tamura often comforted and protected Hanabasu from bullies in elementary school, and often relied on him in turn for emotional support, especially after Sanae died. Ken is often snarky and sarcastic with Hanabasu, but despite his attitude, he still appreciates him regardless.

Sanae Tamura

Ken's younger sister. The two of them spent tons of time together, and Ken often protected her much more than he perhaps needed to. Sanae appreciated her older brother, though, and always hung around him whenever he was around, even when he was with others. Ken invited her to be apart of the "Ken Club", and brought her along to "meetings" whenever possible. Ken felt absolutely devastated and destroyed when she died, and in some ways still does not forgive himself for not protecting her.


  • 1 - 3 Low - Average
  • 4 - 6 Above Average - High
  • 7 - 10 Extremely High - Perfect
Social Physical Creativity Intelligence Emotional


Stamina Total
5 3 9 6 3 2 28


  • "Not really a nut. But I like healthy things."
  • "You're a really messed up five-year-old, you know that?"
  • "They're not grandpa glasses. They're stylish. Ass."
  • (To Madoka about Sanae) "I'm not denying anything. Leave me alone."
  • "...Hey, Sanae? Does it ever get lonely here? Bet it does. Even with Mom and Dad stopping by, it's probably a little too quiet for your tastes."
  • (To Ken Hanabasu after getting locked in the supply closet) "Apparently not knowing where to get a switchblade is grounds for locking me in here."


  • The given name Ken (健) means "healthy, strong".
  • Ken's surname, Tamura (田村), means "rice paddy village".
  • Ken's favorite food is kale, followed closely by tofu. He prefers to eat healthy, and rarely eats things with no nutritional value. When it comes to meats, he only really eats fish, although he does not consider himself to be a pescatarian.
  • He has the ability to know when the microwave is about to go off. He does not know when this skill originated, but he is able to time the microwave just right so that he is able to turn it off without it beeping.
  • Ken is also, surprisingly, able to dance swing pretty well. He picked this up in junior high as a dare.
  • Though he is reluctant to admit it, one of Ken's favorite shows is Small Mage Academe, a magical girl anime that Sanae introduced him to.
  • Ken was originally designed to be apart of an original killing game written by Ash. Interestingly, he was supposed to have leukemia instead of Sanae, and was going to be a victim of the killing game's third case.