Asami Edogawa (江戸川 朝美 Edogawa Asami) is SHSL Yogini at the rebuilt Kibougamine Academy. She is a vegan and a very spiritual person, and is very close friends with Kentaro Kuriyama.


Asami is a teenage girl of average height, with a lean, slim build. She has long, straight black hair and violet eyes. Her clothing style varies greatly depending on her mood, and she can be seen wearing anything from her school uniform, to athletic clothes, to a jumpsuit, and everything in between - that is, as long as it is vegan. She has no other notable features.


Asami is an incredibly optimistic, spunky, and chipper person, and is almost never negative or pessimistic in her approach to life. She attributes this to her yoga, meditation, and all other aspects of her lifestyle. She says that since she is already at peace with the world, she has no reason to be sad, or to get angry, or to worry. This also makes her very outgoing and extroverted, as she has no reason to be rude or hostile. When she meets someone new, she immediately treats them as a friend, and if she knows them. Because of this, she tends to have a lot of friends and acquaintances.

However, just because she is nice and friendly does not mean that she is a perfectly good and obedient person; in actuality, Asami can be very mischievous and sneaky. She finds great enjoyment in petty shoplifting, though she only really does this on occasion. She tends to steal gum must, although she has stolen other things before, at the encouragement of her best friend, Kentaro. Similarly, she also likes to play pranks and make jokes. She does not believe that she is doing anything malicious, and instead thinks that if she is having fun and enjoying herself, then she is putting more positive energy into the world.

Asami is also very vocal and open about her beliefs and vegan lifestyle. Whenever anyone she knows or talks to consumes some sort of animal product in front of her, she will not hesitate to chastise them for it. She also likes to talk about the benefits of yoga and meditation, and will often invite people she meets to come do yoga with her. She is very dedicated to her practice, often getting up in the early hours of the morning to do yoga for an extended period of time. She also never sways or wavers from her diet, and tries to make a conscientious effort to be as respectful to nature as possible. She believes that all lives, no matter what kind of creature they are, have value and worth, and that humans should respect that value and worth as much as they would for any other human.


Asami was born to her parents Masaaki and Akari on January second. She grew up in a small, quiet town near the base of a mountain, which was a popular tourist spot almost year-round. The Edogawas ran a successful antiques shop, and from the moment that Asami could walk and talk, she started helping out. Of course, the "help" she provided was really nothing more than saying hello to customers and cleaning some things up, but regardless, Asami enjoyed the shop and all of the strange things that showed up there.

When she was about five years old, Asami's younger sister Miu was born. From the moment she laid eyes on her, Asami adored her, and decided that she would do her very best to be the greatest older sister that she could be. She was the one who would care for Miu (with some supervision, of course), when her parents were busy working. This would continue on as Asami grew older, and even though she took care of Miu whenever she could, the younger girl was not always appreciative of it.

Soon after Miu was born, Asami started going to school. Even though her school was small and her class was nice, Asami absolutely hated it. She did not like being confined inside, and did not like having to sit for most of the day. On more than one occasion, she would skip class or pretend to be sick, just so she could go out into the woods near her house and play. She preferred being outside, as she loved the freedom and sense of tranquility that being outdoors gave her. Of course, Asami's escapes were never successful, as her mother would often reprimand her for "worrying her" when she came home. Her father was a bit more lenient, but after her first few attempts, Asami quickly learned that she could not go outside whenever she pleased.

This caused some unrest within her. She was so used to being able to do whatever she pleased, that suddenly being forced to follow rules made her feel unhappy, and at times, even upset. In order to combat this, her parents decided to enroll her in a dance class with a local studio. Asami loved it, but also felt that it was too fast-paced and too structured for her tastes. After a year of dance, she quit.

However, she was still searching for something to do with herself. She knew that there had to be something else out there for her to do, but was at a loss for what that something could be. That is when she discovered yoga. She first found out about it after watching a TV program about a famous practitioner, and decided then and there that she was meant to be a yogini, even though she was only eight at the time. Her parents were skeptical about this at first, but after countless hours of begging and pleading, they finally gave in and allowed Asami to get some equipment and take classes.

After only the first session, Asami knew that she was meant to do yoga. Right from the start, her instructor noted that she had impeccable form and flexibility. This only encouraged Asami further, and soon enough, she was off learning more advanced poses and techniques. After only a short time of practicing, she changed her entire lifestyle around in order to accommodate her yoga. She began waking up at early hours in the morning in order to go out into the woods and practice while the sun rose, and would do the same every night while the moon set. Even though her parents advised her to do otherwise and to be more productive with her time, Asami ignored them, and decided that this was what her life was meant to be. However, she also decided that there was still something missing in her life. Even though she had yoga, there was something else that was missing and was leaving her unfulfilled. She saw yoga as a way to honor nature and be at peace with the world, and decided that there must be something else for her to do that would align with these beliefs. After doing some research, she decided to go completely vegan at the age of ten.

Asami would continue like this for a while. She became vocal about her beliefs and practice, and because of this, had quickly picked up a reputation for being the "weird girl" in her class. She did not mind, though, as she saw everything - including this - as being a product of fate. She shamelessly continued on with her practice, despite the odd looks and whispers.

This was around the same time that the Tragedy struck. Thankfully, because it was so remote, minimal damage came to her hometown, although there were still some radical Junko followers here and there. The Edogawas managed to stay safe, but the same could not be same for other residents in their community. Asami was able to live a relatively normal life, even though it was filled with paranoia and fear of Despair from time to time. She believed it was because of her yoga that she was able to maintain relative peace of mind.

However, junior high is when everything seemed to change. She maintained her reputation as the "weird girl", and had begun to lose friends because of this. She was somewhat disheartened by this, and began questioning whether or not she was really meant to live her life like this.But, right when she thought she was going to give up and quit, she met the person who would soon become her partner in crime: Kentaro Kuriyama. Asami had known his mother when she was younger, since her own mother was close with his, but she had never met or talked to him until junior high. The two were originally picked to be partners on a group project, and it was through this project that the two started talking. Soon after, the two became inseparable. They would frequently hang out and spend time together, and would get into shenanigans at every possible opportunity. One of their favorite pastimes was to go to the local convenience store and steal gum - Asami was not able to eat it, of course, but still enjoyed the thrill that it gave her.

Kentaro seemed to tolerate her weirdness, and because of this, Asami was encouraged to continue despite what others said. She kept on with her practice in the following years, and somehow, word got out about her and her skills. Soon after this, she was scouted, and invited to attend Kibougamine Academy as the SHSL Yogini. She was completely ecstatic, and was even more excited to know that Kentaro would be attending as well. The two spent just as much time together, if not more, in high school, and Asami enjoyed every moment. She felt glad that she was surrounded by people that were just as weird as her, and was encouraged to devote herself even more to her practice.

As an adult, she would continue with her practice, and would eventually marry Kentaro. She runs an eclectic, new age goods shop and teaches her own yoga classes.


Kentaro Kuriyama

Asami's best friend from junior high. The two often get into mischief together, which Asami enjoys wholeheartedly. She tolerates all of his jokes, and even makes some of her own in return. She gets enjoyment out of annoying him and egging him on, and likes to count how many times he threatens to kill her, almost making a game out of it. It is implied that she may have a crush on him, although when asked, she says nothing that either confirms or denies it.

Miu Edogawa

Asami's younger sister. Asami adores Miu and loves spending time with her, although the reverse could not be said for Miu. Despite the fact that her younger sister is often annoyed with Asami's antics, Asami still loves her all the same, and will try to make time to hang out with her whenever she can.


  • 1 - 3 Low - Average
  • 4 - 6 Above Average - High
  • 7 - 10 Extremely High - Perfect
Social Physical Creativity Intelligence Emotional


Stamina Total
5 8 2 4 7 9 35


  • "Because you loooove and appreciate me? And deep down you know you want to be a good person?"
  • "No!! No, you can't! Those poor little birds...! They've done nothing wrong!"
  • "But, Ken-kun...! Those are animals! They're so bad for you, and they have feelings too! How would you feel if someone ate you?"
  • "It's totally relaxing, too! It always helps me feel at peace with the world and myself."
  • "Oh! Do you have bad karma? Yoga can help with that!"
  • "Jeez, you better get started with killing me soon, or else I'm going to run out of numbers to count to!"
  • "That's okay, Ken-kun. You're the winner in my heart."


  • The kanji in Asami's given name (朝美) mean "morning", "beauty".
  • The kanji in Asami's surname (江戸川) come from "Edo", and "river".